The Blue Orange

Finding a name, a logo and building up a corporate design: The idea of »symbiosis« is the core of the project – and likewise the field of research of biologist Annika Guse, one of the two founding sisters of ¡vamos, symbiosis! – let’s go symbiotic!

Nikolas Jaspert, historian at University of Heidelberg comes up with the idea of »mi media naranja« – our better half, which is linked to greek mythology. Plato tells us about the »round humans« through his playwright Aristophanes in his Symposion. Loosely based on that story we create a publication to tell the »genesis« of the project logo, the blue orange. Text made by writer Michelle Standley, illustrations and layout by Kristina Heldmann and Stefan Michaelsen, we offer the publication in three languages, Spanish, English and German. It is sponsored by the Marsilius Kolleg, University of Heidelberg.